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Bella's Birthday Surprise Story BookThe Missing Ants/Ouch It Hurts Story BookTimmys New Friend/Playing Hide & Seek Story BookThe Woodland Christmas Ball Story BookThe Woodland Christmas Ball Story BookThe Woodland Christmas Ball Story Book

Marty is a Lonely Mole - Marty Mole lives under the lawn in the garden and he is lonely. He goes on an adventure to find a new friend who will come and live with him and keep him company. Marty searches in the garden but can’t find anyone so he starts looking across the fields. Digging his way under the corn fields he finally spots a mole hill. Do you think Marty will be lucky and find a friend to live with him?Ant are bringing their musical instruments to play so the Little Friends can dance. Of course, there is always one Little Friend who really looks forward to the Christmas Ball and that is Sarah Butterfly. She loves party’s. Do you?

What A Busy Bee - Bella Bee loves collecting Nectar. She visits the flowers in the garden every day. Kitty Cat, Jenny Wren and the fish in the pond are out sunbathing. Come down into the garden to see which flowers Bella visits today.  

Kitty Cat Shows Off - All the Little Friends are meeting in the garden because Kitty Cat is bringing someone special to meet them. Why don’t you come along as well and find out who it is. You will be surprised.

Time To Eat - Karla Koi was making lots of noise splashing about in the pond. She even woke Marty Mole up. Karla is very hungry so when Bella Bee comes into the garden Bella goes to look for the lady from the Big House. Bella hides in case the lady is scared of her. Do you know? Read the story and find out.

I Think I’m Lost - Basil Blue Tit is gathering twigs when he is surprised  by a big fluffy ball. It is Snowball the Rabbit who is on her way to visit her sister Poppy in the garden but she is lost. But Snowball isn’t alone. Her babies are with her. When Timmy Tortoise comes along he offers to show s the rabbits which way to go. Why you don’t you help him?

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Garden Adventures

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A Very Good Day - Spring had arrived in the garden. Big Fish was awake and Kitty Cat was going to visit the farmyard. Bella Bee was collecting Nectar. Big Fish wanted to know why so Bella told her what happened. Would you like to know why she collects Nectar? It’s very interesting?

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