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After a busy Xmas and New Year I returned to the writing desk delighted to be able to announce that all 18 of The Little Friends Picture Story Books are now published and available.

It wasn't my intention, or the publishers to bring the last 12 out in one go but it just happened that way. Mainly because of other commitments on both our parts. To say we have breathed a sigh of relief is very close to the truth.

However, despite that I am very happy and pleased with the finished results. More so as we also managed to complete the Little Friends Colouring Book as well. The book consists of 50 plus single colouring sheets consisting of various scenes from across the whole of the Little Friends Book series. The result and quality, at only £6.99, is amazing and my thanks go out to my publisher for a job extremely well done.

Having had a break from writing due to ill health, the ‘dreaded lurgy’ that most people have been suffering from I find myself finally thinking straight and starting to plan what to do next. It’s not always easy to settle on one thing when you have a thousand of ideas floating around your mind all wanting to be heard and dealt with.

However, I am making plans and setting some ground rules. Not that I need to be that firm with myself for, as my publisher often keeps telling me, doing all this is fun! You know something? He’s right.

Check out the books in the Bookshop and if you want it signed let me know.

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