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One of the greatest joys I get as an author is when I see a young writer also becoming a published author. As part of my Mentoring Writers project, I have been working with a variety of young writers over the years, even publishing some of their works successfully, and still, I find them amazing in their efforts.

In 2019 I worked with a young girl who wrote a marvellous fantasy novel titled Charm of the Chosen One. What impressed me most about her writing was how I was able to discover that she had been bullied at school. This was not openly obvious in her writing but very subtlety done. It even led me to ask her Mom the question about her having been bullied which I think surprised that lady as she hadn’t expected me to pick up on it within her daughter’s writing.

But as I explained to her children do surprise even us more experienced writers and can also teach us a thing or two. This was proven the case recently when I received an email from my latest young mentee that I am now working with.

The reason I say this, is that this young lady is prolific in her writing ability. She came to me because she wants to publish two stories: a picture book and a story about the problems, trials, and tribulations she went through due to her health. I was gob-smacked at how mature in her attitude she was, being very articulate and certainly not afraid to be talking to a mature stranger/author.

Having discussed what she needed I have offered her a mentoring programme which she has accepted. One of the first steps of the programme was for her to look at expanding and completing her PB story which appeared to have something missing. The principle of the story was ideal but it just wasn’t long enough. By the time she came back to she had created a writing plan for the PB. And when I read it, not only did she make me smile at her suggestions, which were brilliant for the storyline, but I was amazed at how she had set out her plan and how she felt we should progress.

If I am honest there have been very few mature writers who have come back with such a positive outline and plan relating to their writing that I confess I was blown away. All I can say is, I can see the next few months are going to be a joyous ride, especially for me as I am so looking forward to helping her get her book into print.

By the way, her name is Lorella, and she is aged 10 and I can assure you, authors, out there you had better keep an eye out for this young lady as she is going to surprise you all with her ability. Mind you she isn’t the only one. As I look online at various news leads I see lots of youngsters all over the world now taking the initiative to put pen to paper. This leads to believe that maybe the world of books isn’t going to whittle out but will go from strength to strength. All I can say is whoopee and hope for more youngsters like Lorella to come along.

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